easy to make breakfast

PREP TIME: 10-12 minutes
CUP = 1 whole grain, 1 protein,
1 calcium,some iron
Makes about 2 cups

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how do i make pancakes (hidden secret pankakes)

making the perfect pancakes , how to make pancakes for one

Toddler Rating: 8 out of 10 Prep Time: 10-12 minutes
Nutritional QUOTIENT IN TWO 4-INCH PANCAKES= 1/2 whole
grain, 1/2 green vegetable, 1/2 
protein,some calcium
Makes twelve 4-inch pancakes

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Hints for packaging day-care lunches

Packing day-care lunches is different from packing regular school lunches, and what is appropriate also varies from center to center. There is normally refrigeration available for storing food items, and the parent may transport the lunch box yielding minimum tossing about. This gives you much greater flexibility in choosing your toddler's menu.

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healthy brown bag lunches

Brown bag lunches

Even when we can't with them, we want our children to eat nutritious. This problem is that when children are at school, we aren't there to help make the meal enticing and interesting. What can be done to prevent your child from ignoring or tossing out the lunch and snack you packed?

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Diabetic dessert recipes without artificial sweeteners

Diabetic dessert recipes without artificial sweeteners The aim of this blog is to provide healthy, convenient alternatives for feeding your child. The foods recommended here are not necessarily low in calories, because this is not intended as a weight-loss program for children.

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Honey, molasses, brown sugar, and maple syrup

Although these simple sugars are considered by many people to be “less refined,” they are highly concentrated forms of simple sugars (close to 100 percent sugar), and as such will not be included as sweeteners in this blogs. For example,honey is 75 percent sucrose and 25 percent fructose.

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Interesting facts about carbohydrates

Interesting facts about carbohydrates.
Complex carbohydrates are the starches (grain products and vegetables) and naturally occurring sugars (glucose/fructose in fruits and plants, lactose in milk). Complex carbohydrate are metabolized by the body over time, allowing a slow, even release of energy. In addition, foods that contain complex carbohydrates in their natural, unrefined form (grains, fruit, and milk) also contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber needed by the human body. Soluble fiber like pectin, found in apples and citrus fruits, help to slow glucose absorption by the body.

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